Experience the Thrilling Line-Up: Australian Open 2024

The Australian Open 2024 kicks off from 8th to 28th January, promising an exciting start and an epic ending at Rod Laver Arena. For the first time ever, it begins on a Sunday, 14th January, sparking a three-day showdown of first-round singles matches.

On 17th January, the action heats up with more matches and a celebration of First Nations Day. It’s not just singles—get ready for top-notch doubles tennis starting 16th January, mixed doubles on 18th January, and junior singles on 20th January.

The tournament guarantees loads of excitement, culminating in a thrilling finale. Don’t miss the Australian Open 2024—it’s bound to be a smashing event!

Australian Open 2024

Australian Open 2024 Schedule:

First-Round Fervor:

  • Sunday, 14th January 2024: 1st Round Opener
  • Monday, 15th January 2024: Continued 1st Round Excitement
  • Tuesday, 16th January 2024: First Round Intensifies (Doubles Begin)

Second-Round Surges:

  • Wednesday, 17th January 2024: 2nd Round Commences (First Nations Day)
  • Thursday, 18th January 2024: Ongoing 2nd Round Battles (Mixed Doubles Enter)

Advancing to Third Round:

  • Friday, 19th January 2024: Thrilling 3rd Round Action
  • Saturday, 20th January 2024: 3rd Round Thrills Continue (Junior Singles Begin)

Road to the Quarters:

  • Sunday, 21st January 2024: Round of 16
  • Monday, 22nd January 2024: Further Round of 16 Showdowns

Quarterfinal Quest:

  • Tuesday, 23rd January 2024: Intense Quarterfinal Battles Begin
  • Wednesday, 24th January 2024: Continuation of the Quarterfinal Showdowns

Semifinals Showdown:

  • Thursday, 25th January 2024: Ladies’ Semifinals
  • Friday, 26th January 2024: Gentlemen’s Semifinals

Grand Finale:

  • Saturday, 27th January 2024: Ladies’ Final Spectacle
  • Sunday, 28th January 2024: Gentlemen’s Final Showdown

This schedule encapsulates the thrilling journey of the Australian Open 2024, from the first serves to the crowning of the ultimate champions. The court awaits unforgettable moments, and the excitement is palpable as tennis history unfolds at Melbourne Park!


Australian Open 2024: A Grand Slam of Innovation and Comebacks

Star-Studded Lineup Revealed for Australian Open 2024 Singles:

The Australian Open 2024 singles entry lists are out! Leading the pack are world No.1s Novak Djokovic and Iga Swiatek. Djokovic aims for an incredible 11th men’s singles title, while Aryna Sabalenka defends her 2023 crown as world No.2.

Adding to the excitement, former champions Rafael Nadal, Naomi Osaka, and Angelique Kerber return to Grand Slam action at AO 2024, securing their entries via protected rankings. It’s shaping up to be a tournament filled with tennis legends making their comebacks!

Entry List Men’s Women’s Singles Australian Open 2024

Australian Open 2024

“Tips for Your First Visit to Melbourne Park”
  1. Stay Nearby: Pick a hotel close to Melbourne Park for convenience. Walking distance is a plus!
  2. Weather Ready: Melbourne gets warm in January, up to 79°F (26°C). Bring and reapply sunscreen.
  3. Early Week Advantage: Try to visit during the tournament’s first week. With a grounds pass, you can catch top players on smaller courts. In the second week, the main arenas host bigger matches, so fewer games happen on the outer courts.

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