Top 5 Tennis rivalry to watch out in Australian open 2024

Djocovic vs Nadal

This is historic rivalry includes 59 matches, 18 at Grand Slams. Djokovic leads overall 30-29, but Nadal holds an 11-7 advantage in Grand Slam encounters, notably dominating at the French Open.

Alcaraz Vs Rune

The childhood doubles partner faced off professionally only three times, with Alcaraz leading 2-1. This budding rivalry might gain attention as "The Two Mate Rivalry," evolving gradually in their professional careers.

Alcaraz Vs Sinner

The rising tennis stars, boast a competitive 4-3 record, with Sinner triumphing in their latest China Open semifinal clash (7-6(4), 6-1).Despite their rivalry, they share a close bond off-court, with Sinner admitting conflicting emotions when facing Alcaraz.

Rublev Vs Tsitsipas

The 2024 Australian Open might witness Tsitsipas and Rublev's inaugural Grand Slam clash. With Tsitsipas leading 6-5 in their head-to-head, this budding rivalry holds promise, marking the early stages of a compelling tennis saga.

Medvedev Vs  Tsitsipas

Both share a heated rivalry stemming from their 2018 clash. Facing off 13 times, Medvedev leads 9-4. Their latest showdown at the Vienna Open Oct-2023 saw Medvedev triumph 6-4, 7-6 (6) in the semi-finals, intensifying their tempestuous relationship on the court